Monday, April 28, 2014

Bachelorette Party Goodie Bags

I attended a bachelorette party over the weekend and had the pleasure of creating goodie bags for each of the ladies. They were so much fun to make and I think everyone really liked them. Here are some pics, the poem I wrote and a list of everything inside:

The Poem: 
Welcome to
Amber’s  Bachelorette Party! 

It’s Amber’s last night on the town before the gown,
So turn her single life (and our GOODIE BAGS) upside down…
You’ll find WATER for tonight- drink it now, chug it fast!
(There’s more for when the party has passed)
A NAPKIN to prevent or clean up a small mess,
& some BEAD NECKLACES, which look hot with your dress!
A PURPLE CUP for your 1st drink or two,
with your name so we know which belongs to you!
Some candies remind us what this night is about.
‘Cause it’s DUBBLE the fun when all the girls go out!
There’s something SWEET AND RICH for you,
Something to BLOW (and something to CHEW).
Pink  Sixlets look like a string of sweet PEARLS,
There’s a SUCKER and a PUCKER for each of the girls.
Just in case, stash a BAND-AID and a SAFETY PIN.
And of course, there’s a STRAW to drink it all in!
TEMPORARY TATTOOS show your bachelorette pride,
and there are a few extra GOODIES for the blushing bride!
It’s Amber’s last fling before the RING,
So get ready to DROP it, and get ready to sing…
Get happy, get FRESH, get totally silly-
Get ready, get set, we’re invading Philly!

Missing from Picture: Light-up Ring & Tattoos
The List: 
- Small gift bags in Purple, White, Black, Silver & Gold, plus a bigger, more decorative one for the bride (from the party store). 
- A small Deer Park water bottle ($2/pack of 12 at Walmart). 
- A 'Girls Night Out' napkin (party store).
- Bead Necklaces- bought at Party City- in pink and purple.
- Purple & white paper cups.
- Candy: Dubble Bubble purple gum, a Hershey kiss, a Blow Pop, Sixlets in pink and purple, a Tootsie Pop, a Lemonhead.
- A band-aid, safety pin, cough drop, a piece of gum and a few lifesavers mints. 
- Temporary Tattoos- Homemade using this paper bought on eBay. Pretty awesome :)
- A light-up ring, in silver/white for bridesmaids and red for the bride! 
- A penis straw, in various colors and straight from Philly. 

The bride also got a pink sash, a light-up Bride button and a pack of Pop Rocks! She and the Maid of Honor got personalized tattoos as well.  

It was a great night and (most importantly) the bride had an amazing time! 

My personal favorite! 

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