Friday, September 13, 2013

The First Post- Here We Go!

My Goals:
- To share ideas, inspiration and knowledge that I find along my path in order to help you as you entertain, attend events and soak in the celebrations of your life.
- To keep learning about event planning and coordinating and blog about it to keep track of all the thoughts floating around my brain!
- To seek out interesting information, create how-to's, and make you go "Hmm" or "Wow!" or "Fun!" as often as possible.
- To see that once you get past all of the fun projects, music, decorations, and details of an event, you have the purpose of the event right at the heart- two people deciding to share their lives and love each other forever, somebody reaching a milestone birthday, children learning, growing and becoming the older versions of the wonderful people they've always been, and so on.  Details are fun, but life is what we're celebrating, and whatever is right for you is right for your celebration!

About Me:
I am an event planner and coordinator, by my own right.  I have not yet taken any courses or gone to school on the subject- in fact, I have my bachelor of science in Education- and yet, I feel that I learn new things about planning events every single day, and love every moment of it.  I am a recent (Oct. 2012) bride myself.  I have many friends who are engaged, about to be married, recently married, and even a few who have moved into the baby stage. I have had the pleasure of being a flower girl (long ago), a bridesmaid, a Maid of Honor, a Bride and a Matron of Honor, and now I get to see the celebration from the other end.  I am a currently working as a Banquet Server and have seen everything from birthday parties to showers to business meetings to weddings and beyond! I represent my employer with a smile and I am an integral part of a staff that makes dreams a reality. I started in April and immediately felt that I needed to document all of the amazing things that I was seeing and learning. It took a little while, but here it is.  Wediquette- the etiquette of having, attending and participating in a wedding celebration- and Parties- Ideas, Inspiration and Resources for your next big (or small) celebration.

Come Back Soon. You're Welcome Here!
I feel that my experience and the ongoing learning environment in which I live and work will make this a fun and helpful blog with lots of great information in one place.  Enjoy it, share it, and bookmark it, as I love having visitors and I want to be the kind of host who welcomes you back again and again.

Be sure to check out my Wediquette page on Pinterest, with more pictures being added all the time!

Welcome and Happy Celebrating,

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