Monday, February 8, 2016

DIY Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces

One of my best childhood friends, Michelle, got married a few weeks ago, and I had the pleasure leading up to the big day of helping to make and set up the centerpieces for her Cocktail Hour Tables and Guest Tables. I haven't done this before, but I've seen a lot of beautiful centerpieces and felt pretty confident that we could figure it out and make them look beautiful! I think we succeeded! I also offered and was happy to make Bathroom Baskets for the Ladies' Room & Mens' Room, and everything turned out really nicely. Here are a few pics...

Here's Michelle's mom on our first shopping trip! We went with a mission and bought about 50 hydrangea stems at Michaels, as well as some beautiful roses, baby's breath, and green leaves for filler. Using fake flowers meant we could prepare the centerpieces in advance and take time to make them look just right without worrying that they would wilt or cost a ton of money.

High top tables at Cocktail Hour got a small round mirror with a small fishbowl vase, 1 hydrangea stem, and a few little gold swirls coming out. We found the clear, white and silver filler at Michaels and incorporated it into a few vases throughout our design. 

Half of the tables got a gold charger with 2 vases (one with a floating candle, 1 with a flower) and a purple bottle with gold sparkly twirly twigs (there's a name for these, but it's escaping me)! These had 3 votives and white feathers, and a string of white pearls. 

These were the Wow ones! Half of the centerpieces sat atop tall Pilsner vases on a square mirror- with 3 votives, a golden string of garland, and a table number sitting in a LOVE holder. The topper included about 12 hydrangea stems, 4-6 roses, some baby's breath, and green leaves, as well as 4 white feathers- all pushed into a piece of green foam and sitting in a small plastic tray that fit on the vase. Gold swirls came out from the top and clear icicle garlands hung down. Doesn't it look lovely?! 

The bathroom baskets were fun to put together, and included items purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond- we have a store in King of Prussia that has a great Travel section. With coupons, this all came out to about $35, plus the box at Michaels that was just too perfect to pass up. I reorganized everything the day of, added a framed poem  to each, and put them into the bathrooms before the party started. 

A big congratulations to Michelle & Jim on a beautiful day and best wishes for a very happy lifetime together! The Foundry was such a great venue and we were so honored to celebrate with you. 
 You already got lucky finding each other, and picking a date that was just 1 week after Phoenixville looked like this! Here's to lots more luck and many more happy memories <3


  1. They looked great! You are so crafty haha.

  2. I love all these decoration ideas buddy. Those white heart centerpieces are looking so charming. They would look perfect in my floral wedding even I just finished reserving one of the best wedding venues.