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How to Make a Costume Wig- Halloween 2014 Guest Post!

As Halloween 2014 approaches and we reflect on the holiday throughout our lives, inevitably certain images stand out in our memories...perhaps a favorite costume, a craft, a trick-or-treating experience with friends, a haunted excursion, something we saw that made us go "Wow" or "Ew",  or something we tried and LOVED. As avid users of the internet and Pinterest, we can check out and try out SO many different ideas, and share what works for us. Sometimes we try things and fail, and sometimes, we rock and feel proud because our attempt succeeded- and in some cases, turned out better than the inspiration! 

Enter David & Brianna. 

David (my brother!) and Brianna (his awesome girlfriend) decided to dress up last year as Flynn Rider & Rapunzel from the movie Tangled. They did their research, put time and effort into their costume prep, and even showed up to the party early with WANTED signs to hang up around our apartment. When I asked if Brie would write a guest post about the making of her beautiful wig (yes- they made it!), she was happy to oblige, so I'm happy to present her post below. 

If you're looking to make an inexpensive Halloween wig, I hope that reading about Brianna's experience helps. If it does, be sure to share a picture of your costume when you're done! 
If it doesn't, there's always :) 

DIY Rapunzel Wig Background and Instructions

As a couple of pretty big Disney fans, we set our goals quite high in trying to recreate a Rapunzel and Flynn Rider costume from the 2010 hit movie, Tangled. Our costumes were relatively easy to put together based on a few clothing items that we already owned. For the remainder of the items, we went to a few local thrift stores. Clothing, that’s easy. We needed to make an epic wig!

For our “mane” event, we created our own version of Rapunzel’s wig, in all its glory!

To start, here are a few key items you will need:
  • 1 pair of yellow tights (use child size tights for a child size wig)
  • 3 skeins of yellow yarn (more or less as needed)
  • 1 spool of yellow thread and a needle
  • Flowers or various decorative pieces
  • Something to hold wig in place while hand stitching (we used an empty water pitcher turned upside down)
  • Hair tie for final braiding
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 Sharpie or marker
  • 1 awesome assistant (or a very patient boyfriend) for the cutting and final braiding of the wig

Step 1: Putting The Wig In Wiggle
Take the pair of tights and cut off both legs. Stitch together the flaps to close each hole using your needle and yellow thread, thus creating a full cap which should fit snug on the head.

Step 2: Just How Long IS Rapunzel’s Hair?
That’s up to you! For my wig (I’m 5’5”), we cut strands of yarn that were 15 feet long. Keep in mind you will be stitching the center of these strands, so each 'hair' length will be half of this plus after braiding, it will be significantly shorter. Cutting will take a lot of time, so plan accordingly…or find a helper! Be sure to have a space large enough so that you don’t get them “tangled” in each other!
*After wearing this wig for one night, it was a bit heavy, so you may want to refrain from making a wig too long.

Step 3: Groupies!
Group together approximately 5 pieces of the pre-cut yarn. Take the yellow thread and tie off these groupings in the middle with a strong knot to secure them tightly. Make about 10 at a time and place them aside until stitching them to the cap.

Step 4: A Stitch In Time Saves 9
Stretch the wig cap over the wig holder (this is where we used a water pitcher). Take the threaded needle and 1 group of hair, and stitch directly onto the wig cap starting at the very back (nape of the neck) working towards the forehead. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the wig is completely covered with the groups of yellow yarn, making sure that none of the wig cap is showing.
*We started out stitching 1 individual piece of hair at a time, but realized quickly that it was incredibly time consuming, so we decided to group them and save some time.

Step 5: If The Wig Fits…
Place the hair-covered wig cap on the soon-to-be Rapunzel. Mark any noticeably empty spaces with a Sharpie. Take wig off of model and put it back onto the wig holder. Using the Sharpie marks as a guide, patch these spaces using additional groups of hair.

Step 6: Untangling The Tangled
Have soon-to-be Rapunzel try on the wig once more, this time patience will be important. Stand the model on a chair, if needed, because the hair will otherwise touch the floor and be difficult to straighten. Untangle the hair as necessary, and cut the ends so that all of the hair is relatively the same length.

Step 7: Braids on Parade
All that time practicing braiding hair is now about to pay off. Separate hair into 3 sections and braid away! This is a lot of hair to work with, so make sure to use the model’s assistance. Secure the end with an elastic hair tie (make sure it’s strong).

Step 8: Smile, Sparkle, Shine
Take flowers (or additional decorations) and fasten them to the hair. We used fabric flowers with a wire stem and we were able to wrap the stem around the hair.

Step 9: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair
Congratulations, you did it! Take a step back, take lots of pictures, and show off to everyone!

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Visit David & Brie on Twitter at Davelevenson and BriannaAdam1
Thanks, you two super-creative, wonderfully talented people! 
You amaze me and I'm happy to share your awesomeness on the web :) 
...and I don't mean the spiderwebs that we'll be putting up soon!

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  1. Believe it or not I had nearly as much fun helping write this post as I did helping make the Rapunzel wig! Hopefully there are people out there that are able to use this as a great resource, and reach out to us on Twitter if needed. Rapunzel + Flynn Rider = Halloween All-Stars