Monday, October 21, 2013

A Halloween Post Just For BOO!

Since we love Halloween- the chance to dress up ourselves and our apartment- and creativity, we often host a Halloween party. We ask guests to come dressed up (if they are so inclined), we decorate our place so it's a little (okay, maybe a lot) creepier than usual, we prepare some fun food and drinks, and we request that guests bring along an appetizer or a dessert to share that has a Halloween twist.  Here are a few of the ideas that we've seen or that we're planning for this year's Monster Bash! Enjoy...

Deviled Eyeballs

Dirt Dessert Graveyard with Milano headstones and marshmallow ghosts

Mummy Dogs! 

Our insurance-inspired costumes a few years back

The dining area

The bar (and black light)

The sitting area 
/living room
The creepy hallway!

A spider we made with a styrofoam ball, pipe cleaners, spiderwebs (to make it glow in the blacklight), a marker, and hanging with fishing line and a thumbtack. 

The key hook and sign 

A picture covered in webs (see the spider?!)

You could see the skeleton's silhouette from outside!

Candy and a way to bring in a little nature

Another year, we got this tablecloth (Paint the Town DEAD) and matching cups

Zombie wall from Shindigz

Just got these this year at Joann Fabric! Martha Stewart cling faces. Great for party glasses! 

A bag of faces that says 'Pick a Face & Stick it On A Glass!' 

Just made these cool candles. I had the vases, printed silhouette pics on the computer, taped the paper around the vases and then taped a 2nd piece of white paper over that. Add a candle inside and voila! The bats were a little tougher, since I couldn't find a printable sheet of multiple bats. I printed 2- in different sizes- and cut out a few in each size on black construction paper. Taped them onto the glass, covered in paper, and here it is! Safety note: DO NOT tape anything inside the vase :P

NOTE: If you'd like to make a good party punch, mix Ginger Ale (or Cherry Ginger Ale) and Sherbet. Pick a color/flavor and go with it. If you mix it shortly before your party, you'll have a nice foam on the top. Yum!

Hope these ideas were helpful. We're excited about Halloween and hope it TREATS (or at least tricks) you well this year!! 

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