Friday, January 31, 2014

So Happy!

A few months ago, I wrote a post about What to Do With Your Dress After the Big Day. I had just dropped my own bridal gown off at Sabrina Ann in Ardmore, a consignment shop geared toward brides and weddings. Yesterday, I called to check in because I knew that 90 days had gone by, and typically after 90ish days, they take the dress off of the racks and either donate it or (if you prefer) you can come get it and decide what the next step will be. I hadn't received a check in the mail, so I was prepared mentally to plan a drive down to the shop in the next few days and then try and sell my dress online. I didn't get through, but left them a message, and imagine my surprise when they called back a little while later to say that my dress sold just last week! It went to a very happy bride and "looked great on  her".  Typically, the shop sends out checks to consigners (past brides) for dresses that have sold around the 1st of the month, and they were signing mine when I called, so I can watch the mailbox for a check, and that's so exciting!
   I'm extra happy about it because 1) It's always nice to find out you have money coming your way, 2) I already got to fully enjoy this dress and felt as though it was well worth its value to me, and 3) Now another bride gets to love it and make incredible memories in it, too. Lastly, it's nice to have a vision and a plan and see it come to fruition. I may have been able to sell it myself online, but if not, it could end up still hanging in my closet months from now, and this is much more preferable for me.
   So that's that. Part of me feels a tiny bit sad that it's not "my dress" anymore, but it'll always be my wedding dress, and I feel so good about it being used again. I hope it brings as much happiness to this couple as our wedding and our marriage have brought to us.

A few consignment shops in the area if you're interested in buying, selling or just learning more:
Circle Thrift- Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
Elegant Affair- Chalfont, PA
The Resale Boutique- Wilmington, DE
    Sabrina Ann- Ardmore, PA


  1. Great job! Think about all the excitement you had on that day, and now someone else gets to have a similar experience because you realized it was foolish to leave the dress in the closet.

  2. I love Sabrina Ann! What a great concept :) Congrats on your resell, that rocks. Not sure what I'll do with mine afterwards, we'll see!