Monday, March 17, 2014

Amber's Beau-tiful Bridal Shower

My friend Amber is getting married in May, and I'm so honored to be a part of her wedding party. Last weekend, we pulled off a surprise like no other and had a beautiful bridal shower for her.  We tied in her love of bows (which comes from her lifetime love of cheerleading), the color purple and her admirably healthy eating habits (mixed in with a little bit of chocolate cake, cookies and some tie-dye cupcakes, which I couldn't resist making the night before)! The results were fantastic, she was beyond surprised and everything went great! Here are a few pictures from the day:

The invitation (found at Staples with silver ribbon, replaced with purple ribbon from Michaels)

Pinterest-inspired sign made by Jes (one of the bridesmaids). 
"69 days until she's hitched". Really, she double (and triple) checked)!
Also on this table: envelopes for guests to write addresses (for Thank You's),
flowers from Produce Junction and gum for a game later.   

Incredible reusable bag favors made by Leah (another bridesmaid). 
Purchased online and screen printed at home. Each guest went home with 1 (or 2)! 

On this table: 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla cake made by my mother-in-law, cake bags (came in handy when we didn't eat it all), fun bows from Rice's Market, Guest Board with a picture of the bride & groom and the lyrics to their first song (made by Leah) and purple plates (of course)!

 This Bag Game was created by Michelle (the Maid of Honor). It was easy and quick, and looked awesome on the table. The digital frame flipped through lots of pictures of the bride and groom and was such a smart idea.

 Each table had a purple tablecloth and a "runner" (made of wedding wrapping paper) that was made possible by Kimber (another amazing bridesmaid) and Leah. The chair at the front of the room was dolled up with a little ribbon, and our ribbon hanger started out behind it. We asked guests to attach a 1-yard piece of grosgrain (which I recently learned is pronounced "grow-grain"!) ribbon to their gifts so that Amber can reuse them as hairbows. Then we tied them onto the hanger. Other ribbons went onto her ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal in May.

Here comes the bride...
SO surprised!! 

 The food table featured a fruit tray, veggie tray, wraps and salad from Wegmans, pita and hummus tray made by the bride's mom, some cookies and desserts made by other family members, and these rockin' tie dye mini funfetti cupcakes that I made (pretty much like this). Yum! We also had a drink station with red and white wine, champagne and orange juice for mimosas, and water.

The bride checking out a picture board made by her sister. 

We played this game (sans the chocolate) and it was hilarious! Look at all that gum!  

Time to open presents! Amber moved and grooved like a champ, and even took a couple breaks (which allowed everyone to get more drinks, dessert or food, and to use the bathroom, mingle, or just chill. 

One of the bridesmaids' gifts to the bride. From Etsy :) 

If you look in the background, you can see the ribbon hanger/bouquet excitement and the huge win of having the shower at a hotel in the middle of the day- we were able to use a cart to load all of the gifts as soon as they were opened, then roll it right out to the cars at the end! 

 The groom has arrived, with necklaces for the bridal party from his recent trip to New Orleans!

Amber and Michelle, her lovely sister and Maid of Honor. 
Love Michelle's color-coordinated notebook on the chair! 

Moms and the Bride. Check out that ribbon bouquet! 
Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond for all the purple ribbon. 

Bridesmaids and Bride

It was a wonderful day, and we're so happy for Amber & Dave. Can't wait to keep celebrating! 

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