Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Unplugged Weddings

Does your phone take pretty clear, decent pictures? Do you have a great digital camera or an SLR camera? Do you have some experience with Instagram filtering, facebook album sharing or everyday photo editing (iPhoto, PhotoShop, etc.)? Do you feel like you're a pretty good photographer? At the last wedding you attended, did you take pictures? Did you share any on social media during the wedding? Did you consider how the bride and groom would feel about it? 
These days, most of us would probably answer yes to just about all of the questions above...except for the last one. Why would we have to consider how the bride & groom feel about it? The more pictures, the better...right? Well, maybe not. Today, more and more couples are opting for an Unplugged Wedding, or at least an unplugged ceremony, requesting that guests put away their phones and cameras for a few reasons.

1. This allows the professional photographer(s) to do the visual capturing, so that guests can be fully present in the momentous occasion of which they are such an integral part. They were invited as guests, after all, so the bride & groom want them to be an involved part of the celebration, not self-proclaimed outsiders looking in.

2. It doesn't look nice when professional photographers capture a group of guests holding their technological devices in front of their faces. In order to avoid the unpleasantries of shots like this, the pros have to work harder and find newer angles, potentially missing a great shot that doesn't have a smartphone, digital camera, iPad or even a laptop in it.

3. While we (as guests) may be 'good at taking pictures', we're not professionals, and while we're pretty skilled at pushing a button and capturing the beauty in front of us (and at a wedding, there's plenty to be seen), there's more of a chance of us getting in the way if we step out of our own wedding guest shoes and onto the photographers' toes. Going 'unplugged' prevents us from unintentionally photobombing and ruining what could be incredible pictures on an incredible camera.

In preparing for this post, I got online and found this amazing article- How Smartphones and Cameras Are Changing Weddings- which pretty much sums it all up, so if you're interested in the topic and want to learn more, click here. Otherwise, check out some photos below of flashes and devices that ruined otherwise great wedding shots, and then some nice ways to ask your guests to put their devices away so that you can have quality photos of your big day, from the person who you're paying big money to be there.

Hashtag? More like flash tag...

The Papparrazzi have arrived...Oh wait, is that...? 
Yeah, those are guests you invited. Almost couldn't tell.

 Really? An iPad AND a camera? Oy...

A Few Unplugged Wedding Request Signs & Program Notes

Brides & grooms may also request that guests refrain from posting to social media outlets such as facebook, twitter & instagram until after the wedding. Perhaps they'd like to choose the pictures that go up first, or be the first to make the 'We're married!' announcement, or they just want to enjoy the day with their loved ones in person, being fully present in the moment themselves and not worrying about being online at all. 

Depending upon the hosts' wishes & desires, a phone check at the door is also a viable option. This is probably something that most of us would not be a fan of, but think about why--maybe that's precisely the reason that we should all be unplugging at weddings and big events...and when we're out to dinner...and when we're spending time with our families...just some food for thought.

Next up, the opposite option (remember, the right wedding for you includes aspects that jive with you two as a couple, so there is no right or wrong across the board)- Supercharged Weddings. Check it out!

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