Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fun in the Sun Summer Cupcakes

After the winter we had, we've earned a fun Summertime celebration! Last year, I was inspired to create little sand and water-inspired cupcakes for a party, so I got some blue icing (and mixed it with white icing, so it wasn't TOO blue), crushed some Nilla wafers, cut and rolled some Starburst candies to make beach chairs, got Gummi Savers, Teddy Grahams, Swedish Fish and of course, cupcake ingredients, and got to work! Then I stuck sparkly toothpicks in to look like palm trees, and voila! Fun cupcakes :) because life is sweet and Summer is meant to be celebrated...

Note: The Teddies and Gummies might get a little mushy after sitting in icing for awhile. You may want to put them into the 'water' as close to party time as possible! 

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