Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chai & Alicia's Rustic Fall Wedding- Beech Springs Farm (Part 1)

We've had the privilege of attending 3 weddings, 3 weekends in a row this Fall, and I continue to be so impressed and amazed by the creativity, the love, the time and the planning that go into every wedding detail, to make each day so unique and 

Our friends Chai & Alicia got married in late September at Beech Springs Farm in Orrtanna, Pennsylvania (about 15 minutes from Gettysburg). It was rustic, beautiful, fun, relaxed, and full of warmth. The weather was perfect, the venue was sweet, and the time spent together was priceless. Take a trip into their wedding weekend, thanks to Melissa McClain Photography and the bride & groom!  Watch for the purple font for Alicia's insight and inspiration.
The magnetic, postcard-sized Save the Date 

The beautiful invitation

The welcome bag for hotel guests: honey from the farm, a few Starbursts, water, homemade caramel pretzels, a map & a couple Gettysburg pamphlets and a weekend itinerary

The entire wedding weekend weather was perfect. Warm days with hints of Fall in the air and chilly but refreshing evenings. It was the ideal backdrop for Chai & Alicia's outdoor wedding. Upon arriving at the farm, guests parked in a field lot, then walked through this garden and gate toward the large Norway Maple tree, where the ceremony took place. 

I had a chance to speak with Jayne (the owner of the farm) the day of the wedding for a few minutes, and she told me that when she and her husband moved in and bought the farm years ago, she imagined their grandchildren getting married in the backyard one day. Last year, they converted their barn into an event space and decided to dedicate one day per weekend to a wedding or event on their property. With the garden, the farm, the view, the house (where bridesmaids and the bride get ready), the small groom's house (an air conditioned, relaxing space where the guys can get ready and hang out before a wedding, that is located within the garden), that gorgeous tree, the bonfire area (yes, really!), the sweet owners who were involved and present throughout the weekend and the countless spots for picture perfection, I was amazed by this venue over and over. Note: It's called Beech Springs Farm because there are beech trees behind the springhouse that are estimated to be over 200 years old. With lots of beech trees and springs on what was once a 350 acre farm, the history and beauty of this land are enticing, entrancing and enthralling. 

 I'm not sure whether any of Jayne's grandchildren have gotten married yet, and whether their weddings took place on that farm, but I know that our friends were lucky to have found such a wonderful space for their big day!

Oh, by the way, if you know someone who is on the lookout for unique rustic wedding ideas, check out Beech Springs Farm's pinterest page!  

Why Beech Springs Farm for you?
We really loved our venue.  It was different than any other venue we had been to.  The owner was super nice, it was personal and they take really great care of it because it is also their home.  We loved, loved LOVED that as part of the venue we got a wedding "day of" coordinator, even though she did a lot more than just the day of.  Our wedding venue does not advertise - they do not go to wedding shows and they only book by word of mouth.  We were so lucky to book them, because they are now booked into 2016!

A glimpse of the barn, and the dress

The bride, groom and wedding party- sleek and sophisticated!  

What Advice Can You Offer to Future Brides & Grooms?
Try not to stress!! Easier said than done, but the day of, just let everything go the way it's going to go!  It's impossible not to stress during the planning, but on our wedding day, I made a conscientious effort not to get stressed about the schedule, and try to focus on the fact that I was marrying an amazing guy!

Our other tip would be to like your vendors and trust your gut. If you meet with someone and their price is right but you don't like them, you won't like what they do on your wedding day.  Also prioritize a few things and make sure those things are what you spend your money on.  We wanted great photos, and we made sure to get a photographer whose work we loved.  We prioritized photos, catering, and the venue.  I would say, don't settle on the things you want - just prioritize!!

(My other tip would be to elope and save your money and stress!  Go on an awesome vacation!)
Thanks again to Melissa McClain Photography for permission to share these gorgeous photos 
(notice her watermark on some, mixed in with my amateur shots). 

Two frames were suspended from the tree with a real vase of flowers hanging in the middle of each. Since it was hanging by a thread (a piece of fishing line?), the vase turned in the breeze, and it was such a creative touch! 

Cocktail hour was held outside on the lawn between the garden and the barn

Giant Jenga (which the bride's dad made!), a bean bag toss and bocce were all available and used by guests.
Bartenders provided wine and beer, servers butlered a few hors d'eouvres and a beautiful station of antipasto, fruits, veggies and spreads was set up outside (see vendor reviews below for photos). 

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  1. Oh my, they were really lucky with that weather! Looks beautiful :)

  2. How gorgeous! I absolutely love the tiny details all throughout, such as the giant jenga game. They truly show the fun and uniqueness of the couple!