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Bridal Shower Games- Part 2

...Did you miss Part 1? Check it out here!

Some Great Shower Icebreaker/Partner/Team/Group Games: 
What's in Your Purse?- This game is best when played on small teams with a long list of items. This way, it acts as an Icebreaker and a fun activity. Provide each group with a list of items, then ask them to place an X next to any items that are currently stashed in their purses. At the end of 5 minutes (or 8, or 10), points are tallied up (you can choose to use a different number of points for different items), and members of the winning team receives prizes!
This one's a tried-and-true Wediquette creation!

Toilet Paper Bride- This game seems so silly and brings back memories of Toilet Paper Mummies in Elementary School, but I think that's part of its charm! Split guests up into groups of 4-6, place groups in different areas where they can't see each other, give each group a few rolls of toilet paper, and give them 5-10 minutes to dress up 1 "bride". They can use toilet paper, but cannot use anything else to hold it in place. When time is up, have all of the brides give a quick fashion show (and allow groups to present their bride) and ask the real bride-to-be to pick her favorite (or ask guests to vote on the best one). Give members of the winning team prizes. You can also consider prizes for different categories so that each bride gets a small prize.
Source: Wediquette. This is my beautiful sister :) 
Note: When we did this, I bought a huge package of toilet paper at Costco and left
what we didn't use with the hostess as an extra Thank You!

Famous Couples- Everybody gets a piece of paper with half of a heart and half of a famous duo. Then you have to find your match, like the bride and groom did! When you find your match, introduce yourself, explain how you know the bride and share a memory you have with her.
Spotted on MarthaStewartWeddings, variations on Pinterest

In-the-Moment Activity- Consider where you are and do an activity as a group based on that! For example, a bridal shower taking place at a Winery might include a Wine Tasting segment. An Autumn night-time party might include making s'mores around a campfire and singing songs. An equestrian-themed shower might include a racing game of some sort.  This one will take some creativity, but will help everyone get into the spirit of the occasion and have fun!

The Wine Card is laminated and fits nicely into a credit card slot of a wallet. 
It was a spontaneous Wediquette favor creation for my sister-in-law's bridal shower, 
inspired by the Wine Tasting we did at her shower! 

Two Truths & A Lie- In small groups, each person shares 3 things about herself, including 1 that is untrue. Others have to guess which one is the lie. Each group nominates the person with the best set of 3, and all these ladies share with the whole group. If nobody in the group can guess which is the lie, you get a prize.

Name (or Match) that Romantic Movie Quote- Work in teams to match, name or finish the well-known quotes from your all-time favorite sappy movies.
Found at this Etsy Shop, variations on Pinterest 

What's in the Wedding Day Bag? Memory- Put together an emergency kit for the bride for wedding day (or a honeymoon bag) and put lots of things in it- Pull everything out (without telling guests what they'll be doing next), show it to the group, put it back in, wait a few minutes while you do something else, then ask everyone to write down as many things as they can remember. This can be a group activity or an individual one. The person/group with the most points wins prizes.

Photo spotted on A Diamond in the Stuff, variations on Pinterest

Love Song Fill in the Blank- Bonus points if you can name the artist. Work individually or with a small team, and winners receive prizes. A variation of this game is to use only Disney songs, and have guests match the movie with the song title (bonus points if they can name the character or characters who sang it)! Another variation is to match a love song to a (non-Disney) movie it was in. Lots of options here!

Found at this Etsy shop, variations on Pinterest

During Gifts, Games that Include the Bride: 
Bingo for Gifts- Print out a Bridal Bingo sheet for each guest, then ask guests to fill in all of the spaces with gifts that they think the bride will receive. As she opens each gift, if they have it on their board, they can mark it off in some way (consider colorful candies like M&M's as markers) and when they fill up a row or  a column, they should call out "Bride!" or "I do!". Winners receive prizes.
Found online here 

The Timer Game for Gifts- Inform guests that a timer will be set to go off every 10 (or 8, or 15- up to you!) minutes. If it goes off and your gift is being opened, you'll receive a prize. Timer gets reset, and this repeats for the duration of Gift-opening.

The Newlywed Game- Prior to the shower, ask the groom questions about the bride and their relationship. At the shower, ask the bride what she thinks the groom's answers were. After she guesses, allow guests to shout out their guesses before revealing the correct answer. There's a spin on this game called Not to Burst Your Bubble, where the bride has to put a gumball into her mouth if she gets a question wrong. After 20 questions or so, it might get hard to talk around all that gum, but at least when it's done, she can spit it out!

Ribbon/Bouquet or Hat with Bows during gifts for Rehearsal- This one isn't really a game as much as an activity for 1-2 bridesmaids and something guests can check progress on during gift opening. It's traditional for the bride to wear a hat or carry a bouquet made of ribbons and bows from the shower for her rehearsal the weekend of the wedding. You'll want to have a plate, stapler, scissors and maybe a fork or spoon to stick through the plate to make a handle if you're making a bouquet. Then you just figure it out!

There are a few Tutorials on this online, including this one.  

Themed Wishing Well- This is also not really a game, but prior to the shower, you can inform guests that there will be a Wishing Well with a certain theme (kitchen, bathroom, honeymoon, stock the bar, home improvement, etc.) and you'd love to shower the bride and groom with small items that fit that theme. Fill a bucket, a (clean) trashcan, or a faux Wishing Well with gifts and check them all out together at the shower!
Spotted on Pinterest

Go Green- Ask guests not to wrap gifts (bows are still welcome, for the ribbon bouquet/hat), then ask them to fill out a slip of paper with a memory they share with the bride, and she can guess who it's from before 'opening' it. Alternately, they can write their name on a paper and answer questions about their gift and she'll have to figure out which gift they gave on the table.
As seen on More Than Hungry, variations on Pinterest

Kisses for the Soon-to-be-Mrs.- 
Pull out the bright pink and red lipstick and pucker up! Have the bridesmaids kiss a sheet of paper or a photo frame, then ask the bride if she can guess whose lips are whose! Take a photo of the group (if you go with a picture frame) and present to her post-shower.

     Found on Pinterest 

Spotted on BridalGuide 

Okay, there are SO many others, but these are some of my favorites and I hope that they're helpful for you. Do you have another favorite or want to try one of these out? Share your experiences, questions and thoughts in the comments below. Thanks so much for visiting Wediquette and Happy planning!! 

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