Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Black, Silver & Gold Weddings in Winter

Note: All wedding cake photos taken at RiverCrest Golf Club except for the top right (a contestant in the cake contest at the David Tutera show in the Fall)  and the bottom left (a friend's wedding at the Phoenixville Foundry in June)

Hello and Happy New Year! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted- Wedding season wound down and Holiday party season picked right up! The holidays were a blast, and then we went to California to visit family and here we are!
   I also was gearing up to buy a URL and make this blog a little more legit, but unfortunately the site I was hoping to get was renewed by the current owner (who isn't even using it, boo) so we'll have to rethink the plan and try again.

I also haven't posted about my recent adventure at the David Tutera Your Wedding Experience bridal show in Philly! I went along as part of our club's Wedding Sales Team and got to assist, walk around and check things out, and attend a session with David Tutera and Buddy from Cake Boss! Oh, and they had a cake contest, Sweetheart table contest and more! Watch for another post on that soon.

Today I decided to write a quick post about a continuing trend that you just have to love! I wrote last year about Great Gatsby-esque weddings and parties and how the Roaring 20's are making a comeback! I started and have continued updating a Pinterest board for Gatsby-themed and black-and-gold-schemed events and I watched with excitement as the trend picked up in weddings throughout the past year where I work! Whether brides and grooms like the theme itself or simply decide to add some classic charm and bling to their events, we've seen so many shimmery cake table linens, shiny bridesmaid dresses, beautiful brooch pins on bouquets, flowing floral centerpieces, carefully constructed (and so creative!) cakes, perfect pearls, glimmering garlands, and black, silver, and gold galore! We've even seen a vintage car dropping off the bride and groom, bow tie shaped napkins, and a New Years' Eve soiree fit for a New York City crowd.

I don't think the shimmer is going anywhere and I'm really not upset about it! I actually have a friend getting married next weekend and she's going for a similar scheme, plus a beautiful Sangria color for the girls. Im so excited and honored to have helped put together her centerpieces and be helping to set them up the day of the wedding. Watch for pictures in a few weeks.

In the meantime, here are a few photos I've taken from recent events that have a Black & Gold and/or Silver scheme, plus a few that combine gold and silver with another bold color:
Most of these photos are from weddings I've worked at RiverCrest Golf Club, 
with the exception of the top right (a wedding we attended at the Phoenixville Foundry) 
and the bottom right (a wedding we attended at The Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ)

Top middle and bottom left were beautiful winter decorations at Longwood Gardens (West Chester, PA) that would be easy enough to duplicate for Winter event. Top left, center, and top right (Ceremony backdrop) at work,
and bottom right from a friend's wedding this past Summer at the Reading Liederkranz! 

A recent welcome board made with a beautiful frame, chalkboard and stickers (and a lot of patience!) 
and a Cake Pop display I made for a friend's bridal shower a few months ago! 

A 'Selfie Station' for a recent wedding I worked. There were Selfie Sticks on each guest table, too!

Beautiful tables! Sweetheart on the left and right, 
party horn favors/place cards in the center for a New Year's Eve wedding! 

Some beautiful tablescapes, table numbers and centerpieces! 

Oh, and when you're talking about a Winter Wedding, you can't forget about 
the Hot Chocolate Bar and/or Extended Coffee Bar! 

While we've seen a lot of color this past year (mostly pinks, blues, purples, and deeper natural/rustic schemes), the shimmer and sparkle of silver and gold have been undeniably present in many events, and I think it's fantastic! I'm excited to see what the coming year brings, and to attend a number of family and friends' celebrations myself! 

What do you think of the sparkles and the old-timey color scheme!? 

Any other great ideas you've seen and loved?! 

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