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It's All in the Details: Signature Drinks

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Do you and your significant other have a favorite flavor when it comes to refreshments? Have you thought about a Signature Drink (or 2) for your celebration?

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A Signature drink at your wedding or next big event is a popular and eye-catching way to help tell your story, and get your party started right! How does it tell your story? Well, pick a drink you like and give it a fun name to honor your marriage, your relationship, yourselves, and just have fun- and your guests will, too!

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For example, if you met in college, you may choose to honor your Alma Mater by naming a drink after it.
If you have a pet together, you may want to give your beverage a fun name that ties your fur-baby into the celebration.
If you're going somewhere exciting for your honeymoon, you may want to choose a location-inspired recipe and name it after your destination.
If you each have a favorite drink, you may just want to give them fun names that include your first names (Chris-tini, Jack & Coke, Lex on the Beach) and offer 'His' & 'Hers' drinks to your guests.
Excited about sharing a last name? You can include your last name (Tom Collins, Wu-woo, Gold-Fashioned) in the name of your drink.
If you want to honor the place where you grew up, where you met, where you're getting married, or where you're moving next, you can always find a way to make that happen (Manhattan, Long Island Iced Tea, California Love, Southern Comfort, Tennessee Whiskey)
Think about your wedding and come up with a punny name! Apply ever after, Love me tender, Marital Bliss, Pucker Up, Buttercup...the list goes on and on!

Signature drinks- mixed drinks, beer, wine, whatever you want- are often butlered by Servers as Cocktail Hour begins and may be available at the bar throughout the rest of the night. Sometimes, they're stationed instead- for example, a Martini Luge may be set up as a station where guests can help themselves, or a Warm (Spiked!) Apple Cider station may be there as a DIY option on a chilly Winter evening.
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If you have a Signature drink idea in mind but aren't sure that the ingredient(s) are available at your venue, speak with your contact and see what can be done. Sometimes if they don't offer it, they may be able to bring in specialty items for a nominal fee to make your vision a reality. For example, I worked a fabulous, Flamingo-themed birthday party last Summer where the 'Signature drink' was a sweet cup of Rita's Water Ice with a splash of vodka. If that didn't whisper chill, refreshing, and yet ready for a good time, I don't know what does. I've seen families bring in favorite local beers, I've seen concoctions expertly mixed up on a large scale in preparation, and I've seen guests with eyes open wide watching a martini make its way through an ice sculpture tunnel into their glasses. People like to be dazzled, and Signature drinks have a tendency to do that in a really fun, tasty way!

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So you've decided to have a Signature drink and you picked your lucky libation. You even have a fun name picked out for it. How will guests know that it's available and what it's called? 1) Make little signs for servers to carry on their trays when offering the drinks and/or make a big sign guests will see as they enter. 2) Ask if servers can offer them by name, and let guests know where they'll be available from this point forward.

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...and that's pretty much all there is to it! The only thing left to do is make sure you get some for yourselves, and enjoy!

Cheers to you!

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Have you seen a great Signature Drink? Have an idea to share? Leave a comment!

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