Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Wedding Videos for your Enjoyment

Groom & Groomsmen Surprise the Bride With this Montage of Awesomeness! 

Amazing Mother-Son Wedding Dance!

Amy & Brad's Wedding Party Dance- LOVE this!

Forever Wedding Dance Down the Aisle

Greatest Father-Daughter Dance Medley

AMAZING Stop Motion Animation Video for Blake & April's 2011 Wedding Invitation- so clever to do this online.

Isaac's 'Marry You' Proposal- SO much love and energy!

Fun Wedding Party Wobble Dance

Good Moves Wedding Party Dance

The Clay family got their kids involved in their 10-year anniversary celebration. LOVE this!

These are so much fun to watch, and I'm sure a lot of fun to create. It's so easy to think that your wedding could be the source of the next YouTube sensation! A few tips if you're planning a fun dance/video? Make sure everyone knows the moves and find a time/place to practice them before the big moment.  Don't copy (exactly) something someone else has already done, especially if their video has already gone viral (and especially if it's the Evolution of Dance).  Be a little classy about it- this is a wedding, after all (not a bachelor/bachelorette party). Get others involved throughout the room- wedding party? Great. College friends? Awesome. Parents? Cool. Kids with moves- HILARIOUS! Grandparents?! Even better! Make sure it's not too long (4-7 minutes is probably a good goal).  Make sure you have a talented videographer, even if it's just a family member or good friend with a video camera, ready to go. Last but not least, have fun, and be sure to share it ASAP afterward!

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