Friday, September 13, 2013

Kyle & Shayna's Penn State University Engagement Session with The Redheaded Ninja

Who is this Redheaded Ninja? Well, her real name is Michelle Allmon and she is a photographer in the State College area. Shayna & Kyle were so lucky to receive a number of engagement gifts upon getting engaged. One of them was an engagement photo session with Michelle at Penn State! They got in touch with her via email, picked 2 Tuesdays in October 2011 (just in case), and luckily, the weather was beautiful on the 18th (the first Tuesday they chose). They arrived in State College in the morning, parked in downtown State College and took some time to get reacquainted with the campus (as they were 2008 alumni who had met at PSU). They had chosen a few outfits for the shoot and knew that Michelle would arrive on campus around 4:30, so they got all ready, planned out a course and which outfits they'd wear at each spot, and then hit up Cafe 210 for some lunch and infamous teas. Then they got in the car and drove up toward the stadium to meet Michelle.
Shayna & Kyle's campus course: (Remember, this was 2011, so some things- like the JoePa statue, *sniffle*- have changed)
Parked at the Visitors Center by the stadium (free) and left Michelle's car there for the duration of the shoot. 
1) JoePa statue for a few casual/fun shots (props: blue & white pom poms)
2) The Pennsylvania State University sign on Park Ave right by the stadium.
3) The Arboretum/the field by the arboretum.
Got in the car to drive over to West campus for...
4) The Lion Shrine
5) In front of McKee Hall (where the couple met)
6) Out on the 11th green on the golf course across Atherton (Kyle's a golfer)
Then, they moved the car to the HUB Parking Deck and walked over to...
7) Old Main for a few pics at twilight
8) Downtown, Allen St. gates
Phew! What a day :) Michelle was great and when she sent the link for the pictures (80 in the batch), there were about 25 that the couple absolutely loved. They asked if they could trade in their included print credit to get the rights to 10-20 pictures, and she said that they could actually trade it to get the rights to the WHOLE BATCH- very exciting :) Again, this was awhile ago, so her packages/pricing may have changed.  For a little preview, here are a few of the pics from this crisp Fall day for Shayna & Kyle's PSU Engagement Session- enjoy!! Thanks, Michelle! If you're looking for a great State College photographer, check out .

Clockwise from top: With the late Joe Paterno statue, at the Lion Shrine, in front of Old Main after sunset, at the Lion Shrine, at the Penn State sign up by the stadium.

 Near the Arboretum.

In front of McKee Hall, the dorm where the couple met :) 

On the golf course, as Kyle is a golfer and wanted to bring a couple putters along.

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