Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Celebrate then Recuperate with a Hangover Kit!

Another fun detail from the bachelorette party I attended over the weekend was a Hangover Kit. After partying in Philly bars until about 2 am, I had a feeling some of us might want to feel refreshed when we woke up, so I put together this little box, plus a case of water in the fridge.

We also talked about the steps to recovery after a big night of drinking while we were out for brunch later in the morning, and I feel like our late-20's, post-college selves had some good words of wisdom and knowledge on the subject!

First of all, as you're drinking, alternate between alcoholic beverages and water, spreading it out so that you're having about a drink an hour (or less). Beware of shots and try not to mix different kinds of alcohol (beer, liquor, wine) if you can help it.

Eat something and drink water before you go to bed.

When you wake up, drink more water and eat some more food, even if you don't really feel hungry. You need to eat, to move a little (go for a walk at some point in the day), to hydrate, to rest and to go to the bathroom. After all of these steps are complete, you'll probably feel 1000x better.

I read that Alka Seltzer is magical for hangovers, and one of the girls swears by Yoo hoo (the chocolate drink). Another girl recommended Coconut water for recovery (also effective after a good workout or run) and some people have to have their morning coffee. I put in some crackers, mints, Advil, cough drops for tired voices, some cups for drinks and some extra blow pops (because, well, why not?).

There are many ideas for Hangover Kits on Pinterest and online. I love the idea of sunglasses and sleep masks, Bloody Mary ingredients, cute bags (see below), granola bars, hair ties and ginger ale. All great. I just threw a few things together for everyone at the house to share, but creating mini Hangover Kits for each guest is a fantastic idea. Great for overnight wedding guests as well!

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