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Engagement Shoot Ideas

Wait...Did you read the 5 W's Post on Engagement Sessions? If not, go check that out here.

Planning your own engagement photo session? Get (p)inspired. Do these shots look like love to you? Do they speak to you in some way? Do they remind you of yourself and your significant other? Save them, love them, pin them, share them, and recreate them in your own way. Here are a few shots that I LOVE from some of our friends and family members. All photos have been posted and pinned with permission from the bride & groom, and the photographer(s)!

Amber & Dave got their engagement photos taken in Valley Forge Park in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
They used Fuller Photography, their wedding Photographers, and got some BEAUTIFUL pictures. 
Check out the Fullers' Blog for pics from Amber & Dave's wedding this May!
You should also check out Amber's awesome blog, Busy, Bold, Blessed 
for healthy living inspiration, recaps from their wedding weekend and much more. 
Oh, and there's a photo of Amber, Dave and their dog Puddin' in the previous post! 

Christine & Josh also used Fuller Photographyand since they are wine lovers, they had their engagement session at a local vineyard. So beautiful, romantic and fun! 
Did you see the photo of Christine & Josh in their sports jerseys in the 5 W's post? 

Jackie & Rick live in New York City, and a loving family member offered his photography skills for their engagement shoot. The couple is absolutely adorable, and we wish them nothing but the best for their August 2014 wedding and beyond! Did you catch Jackie & Rick with their hands up in LOVE formation in the last post? We LOVE it!

Nicole & Andrew are getting married in Spring 2015 and have followed positive feedback and recommendations to hire Fuller Photography (who didn't pay me for this post, I promise!) for their recent engagement session in Gettysburg and their wedding in Southeastern PA! Check out these gems, and how cute are the pics with their dog?!

Nick & Kathy got married in June of this year in Reading, Pennsylvania. Their engagement session took place around Shillington, their home town. The first one (which is the sweetest!) was taken at the Borough Hall. Their photographer, Sean Reilly, runs Bearded Photography and you can check out his work here
I call this one a Pinterest win :) 

Kristen & Bill got married in Central Pennsylvania and since they are lovers of the outdoors, they went for a photo shoot in the woods. How sweet are these pictures? Their photographer preferred to remain anonymous as she typically goes by word of mouth and takes pictures on her family farm. 

Sandy & Russ got engaged while vacationing in Jamaica and they were fortunate enough to have a professional photographer from the resort there at just the right moment (nice work, Russ)! The next day, they scheduled an appointment with another resort photographer to take pictures, which was a free service (you just pay for the pictures) and they know the best locations! The pictures turned out great and helped to capture all of the beauty of Jamaica and that special trip. Can't wait for their wedding in September, since Sandy is my mom and I couldn't possibly be happier for her!

Steph and Stu are college friends of ours who have been together forever, or so it seems. They are perfect together and their engagement pics show their level of comfort, happiness and love.  Their engagement shoot was taken at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, and their photographer, Reena Rose, wrote all about their session on her blog, which you can read here.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful engagement shoot photos with me, with the readers of Wediquette and with Pinterest! I wish you all the very best in your relationships and would love to feature any other aspect of your wedding that you'd like to share! Congratulations and happy planning (to those of you who are still in that stage)!

I would love to feature and share more Engagement Sessions! Have 3 favorite shots from your own? Let me know and I'll tell you how to send them! I just need to know:
- Where your photos were taken.
- Who your photographer was (and a link, if they'd like to be acknowledged on Wediquette).
- Whether you have the rights to share the photos.
- and something about you, your photo shoot, or the inspiration for your favorite shots.
* Note: I'd be happy to accept submissions from photographers as well, with permission from the bride & groom!

Check out and follow this constantly-changing board on Pinterest for more Engagement Session (p)inspiration!

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