Thursday, October 2, 2014

Something Scary is Right Around the Corner...

Wedding season is in full swing, and we're in the midst of 3 wedding weekends in a row that we have the pleasure of attending as guests! It's been a blast attending my Mom's wedding 2 weeks ago, then our college friend Chai's wedding last weekend, and looking forward to our golf/Florida friend Ryan's wedding this weekend! More on those soon, but right now, I'm feeling excited about Halloween! It's now officially October, which means we're getting close. Last year, I wrote A Halloween Post Just for Boo, sharing some of the ideas we'd seen and used in previous years. This year, I'm sharing a few favorites from last year, as well as some Pinterest favorites I've seen!

To Do:
Fall is here and it's so beautiful outside. Visit a Pumpkin Patch or an Apple Orchard!

To Make for a Party- or Just for Fun:
Blood Shots (red jello shots) and Urine Samples (yellow jello shots)

Party Punch- Sherbet and Ginger Ale (we used pink sherbet for its color)

Creepy Ice Hands- Freeze water in a latex glove, then peel the glove away. Place in punch or cool drink bowl for a scary touch. 

Zombie Eyeballs- These were SO delicious! Our friend Jenn made them with- if I'm remembering correctly- ketchup and jelly- on meatballs, skewered with an olive. 

Miscellaneous dippers and dips- Ginger Snaps, mini Graham Crackers and pretzels in peanut butter icing or pumpkin dip. 

Apple-tizers! Apples (from the orchard) with caramel, peanut butter and raisins. 

To Decorate:

Decorate a box for fun straws and fill with plastic spiders! Place near drinks. 

Put a fake skull in the microwave. Add mini strobe light. Be amazed. 

We put a little magnetic board up with word magnets in the hallway outside our bathroom. That way, if there was a wait, at least there was something to do. We got a flickering bulb from Party City and dressed the area up a bit. 

Mini cauldron filled with candy= a must. 

The entrance to our place. 

'Blood' clings on the window, jars of unknown stuff on the windowsill. I made these with water, food coloring, and whatever I could find. I think the left one had raisins, the middle one had lumps of butter, and the right one had a plastic spider. They were a cool touch, and we used them as decorations for the whole month. 

TV on static= yes. 

White board marker transforming this sweet, homey decoration= eek. 

Happy Halloween sign, streamers, toilet cling, little coffin with reese's pieces, lamp covered in green paper to darken an area. Fun touches :) 

To Dress Up:

Our friend Kevin dressed up as one of the guys from CaddyShack. You can see some more decorations in the background. We found a screensaver with that flickering pumpkin and pulled it up on the computer. 
We went as a Social Media Couple- a Hashtag (friends wrote on his # throughout the night) 
and a 'Pin-up' Girl! 

David & Brianna were Flynn Rider and Rapunzel from Tangled. They made her wig- it was amazing- and wrote a guest post to share the DIY project that won her the Best Costume award of 2013! 
and find these two on Twitter

Just For Fun:
Our local Giant and Coca Cola (grocery store) make a fun, festive soda display for many of the holidays and celebrations throughout the year. This was last year's. They're pretty awesome. 

Some of My Favorite Halloween Pins: 
It's easy to find Halloween sweets and treats, but make sure to put out some healthier options at your spooktacular celebration! Banana ghosts, clementine/orange pumpkins, 'pumpkin' devilled eggs, a pumpkin veggie tray, a pumpkin guacamole puke display (gross but great!) and cheese pretzel brooms, just to name a few! 

Some fun decorations! Love the starched cheesecloth ghost in the middle, and the Dead & Breakfast sign on the right!

...and for some slightly less healthy options, Graveyard Pudding Cups (so easy!), a Halloween candy table, and a Pick Your Poison candy jar! Find more ideas and get Pinspired here

It's time to start getting ready for Halloween 2014. Do you have any fun, easy, festive ideas to share? Are you dressing up? Decorating? Having or attending a party? Leave a comment below and inspire us!

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