Monday, November 24, 2014

Another DIY Guest Post from Brianna: Pom Pom Ball Decorations

Pom Pom balls are a great way to add a fun pop of color to any celebration! Since tissue paper comes in various colors and patterns, the possibilities are endless. Just look how these great pink & white decorations added whimsy, color and fun to Sandy's Bridal Shower in August! 

Items you will need:
Standard sheets of tissue paper (you will use 6 sheets per ball)
Fishing line

Take 6 sheets of tissue paper (or however many you decide on) and stack them directly on top of each other so the edges are all aligned. We have found that it is easier to use 6 because it is just enough pieces to be able to fold comfortably while still making a nice sized shape. You can keep all the sheets the same color, or for a fun effect you can alternate complementary colors/patterns. Begin folding the tissue back and forth, accordion style. The folds should be approximately 1 inch wide. Continue folding until the whole stack of tissue paper is the same size.

At this point you can decide what size diameter you would like for your pom pom balls. We chose to alternate with a few smaller ones and a few medium size ones. Once you have the pom pom ball cut to size, you will need to edge off each end of your folded tissue paper. For the edges, we rounded them off so they weren't square. You can make them have a pointy edge instead.

At this point, very lightly fold the tissue paper strip in half to identify the center and tie it off with fishing line until it is secure. Now you will begin GENTLY shaping the pom pom ball. You will need to separate each sheet of tissue paper evenly to give the pom pom ball the fullness you want. Once all the sheets have been separated, you can either hang the pom pom ball with a longer piece of fishing line to give the illusion that it is floating from the ceiling, or you can take a long piece of ribbon, attach it in the middle and use that to hang it up.

Thanks to Brianna and helper David for making and sharing this awesome DIY party decor! You're so crafty :)  

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