Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sandy's Surprise Bridal Shower- Pretty in Pink!

On a beautiful Sunday morning in early August, I woke up to see a blue sky and sunshine. As I started my day, I spotted this sunflower in our yard, and I knew it would be a sunny day indeed!
It was the day of my Mom's (Surprise!) bridal shower, and we were ready to rock! I got up early, hit up Produce Junction as soon as they opened, and found the pink & peach flowers that would become our centerpieces (and favors/prizes, for some)! 

I loaded up the car and headed east to the hotel, where I met my sister, brother & the amazing Brianna (who you may remember from her DIY Costume Wig guest post)! 

 Brianna & David made these amazing pink and white pom pom decorations- Another DIY post coming soon!!- and picked up the balloons, so their car was PACKED with party decor when they arrived!

We set up a few things, then took a quick trip to Costco before meeting some of mom's friends back at the hotel to keep getting ready! Guests started to arrive and the party was on!
Brianna also made these incredibly adorable bride nail polish favors! We set the tables with a flower arrangement in the center, some hugs and kisses, a plastic champagne 'glass' for each seat, a bottle of sweet Verdi Spumante (with a veil and a necklace to match!) and some fun confetti! Note: Brianna got the sparkly tulle for the favors at a fabric store, and I found one that was almost identical at Walmart for the champagne bottles. 

My Mother-in-Law, Diane, makes wedding cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, etc. with love and this shower was no exception! She made Pound cake cupcakes with raspberry filling (yum!) and Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling (YUM!). They were delicious! I got the stand at Michael's (half off! Never go to Michael's without a coupon or your phone ready with RetailMeNot!) for about $15. My sister made all of the food signs, and the little flag toothpicks came from a party store.  

We had the party a little after lunchtime, so we served... a Fruit and cheese tray from Wegmans, crackers with various salads from Wegmans and Costco, salad from Costco, cupcakes and possibly some tea sandwiches (lol I can't see them in the picture, but I think they were there)!  We also had water, soda and of course, the Verdi on the tables! 

Game prizes were set up on the front table (also used for gifts) and we created/played a slideshow on a screen above them. Guests were asked to 'Go Green' with their gifts and to give something that was a splurge- a gift that the couple didn't necessarily NEED but would enjoy- and while we initially meant the 'going green' part as a way to save on wrapping paper waste, some guests took it literally and we saw a variety of gifts- some that were actually green, some that were eco-friendly, some that were money/gift cards (clever!) and more. It was fun to see what my mom received, and even more, to share in the love fest for her that was going on throughout the celebration. 

Recognize the space? We had my mom's shower at the Staybridge Suites in Montgomeryville, PA because it was a great location, they gave us the opportunity to bring in our own food and drinks while using their tables, chairs, projector and space- Oh, and it was a great price! It's the same place we had my sister's Baby Shower in February, and Amber's Beau-tiful Bridal Shower in March, but we still managed to surprise Mom in August! She thought she was there to celebrate my sister & brother-in-laws birthdays, when in fact, we were all there to celebrate her upcoming nuptials! Congratulations again to Sandy (Mom!) and Russ!! This was such an awesome day and we were so happy to put together a party just for YOU! 

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