Sunday, March 22, 2015

It's All in the Details: Cake Knife & Server

The cake cutting ceremony is a sweet part of pretty much all weddings today (pun intended)! The bride and groom get to ceremoniously cut the first piece of cake and feed a little bite to each other. Music plays, guests gather round, and everyone wonders whether they'll play nice or smash the cake into each other's faces! Then the cake is wheeled off, cut up and brought back out for guests to enjoy. 

I didn't realize until I started working weddings that many brides and grooms bring their own Cake Knife and Server set! This may be a gift that they register for and receive (Note: This is a GREAT bridal shower gift!), they may provide it themselves or it may be passed down through generations. The bride & groom can keep it forever as a memento of their wedding, or they may have their own tradition and have other plans for it.

I recently worked at a wedding where the cake knife was engraved with the names and dates of four or five couples' weddings in the same family, the newest of which was that day! I had never seen it before, and loved the special meaning that it held. 

I often see engraved sets with either the name and date or a special saying. The sets are beautiful, ornate and sometimes coordinate with the couple's Champagne Toasting Flutes. 

Wondering how to go about cutting that first piece of cake? Go for the bottom tier (really!), and use the knife to cut a very small sliver. Use the server (or the knife on its side) to get it out and onto a plate, then go from there! Phew! 

Since the cake knife and server are often high-quality, special pieces to the bride and groom, they usually come in a special case with plastic sleeves and/or foam resting places for safe travel. 

You can find these at many stores where you would register for wedding gifts and items, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macys, Bloomingdales, and more. Lenox has beautiful, affordable sets- like the one above! 

That's about all you need to know about Cake Knives & Servers. Sometimes, venues will have an extra set on hand in case you do not have a special one. Just ask if that's the case. Of course, if you're having cupcakes, pie or another alternative to cake, you may not need or want a serving set at all, but that's up to you! Whatever you decide, I wish you luck and happiness in your planning and beyond. Have fun with the details (without feeling like you have to do them all!) and remember, It's All in the Details! 

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