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It's All In The Details: Introduction

When a wedding takes place in a venue that provides tables, chairs, linens, food and all of the basics, you can relax knowing that it will all fall together beautifully and almost effortlessly on your part. Everything else comes down to the details. They're often based on a color scheme, a theme, a common thread between the To-Be-Weds, a family tradition, and/or a conglomeration of all of these. Whatever inspires you- Take some time during your engagement to plan out those special little touches around  that so that the space and the party itself look just the way you like it. Then relax and enjoy the celebration! I mean it, set a goal to have these items checked off your list at least a week before the wedding. You'll have enough tasks to do that week and running around looking for unity sand shouldn't be one of them! The average engagement on a recent poll was 12-14 months, so you have plenty of time to pick the DIY's you love most, get them done and set them aside until you're ready for them.

When I say details, I mean that a space can transform in no time with good planning. At a venue, a bride often drops off all of these special items prior to the big day and the staff waves a magic wand, making her dreams come true. This sounds corny, but it's exactly what every bride wants and deserves! (Note: If you don't have a venue that will do this for you, gather a team of friends and family to help so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day without putting yourself in the center of the coordinating. Even better, hire a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator to take care of it all for you)! 

I'm so excited to start a new series called It's All in the Details (It's a thing! Watch for more!), focusing on one little detail at a time. Today's post includes a fun, extensive list of details that I've seen and you may want to incorporate.  Some are imperative, some are pretty necessary, and some are optional but just plain fun! I've already written about a few of them, so watch for links to pop up to other posts, and I'm sure more to fill in as we go forward with the series. Pick your details- for your wedding day, before and after- as you wish: 

Before the Wedding:
- Save the Dates, Invitations, a self-inking return address stamp or labels 
- Making a list of must-have photos and a map of who's who in the family/wedding party. 
- Itinerary for the weekend for your Wedding Party and parents 
- Thank You gifts for your wedding party- typically given at the Rehearsal Dinner
- Setting up Transportation for the wedding party, parents, and guests (optional)
- Getting the correct flowers to each lady and gentleman, pinning on boutonnieres, putting on corsages
- Card/gift for bride from groom, and vice versa 

- Welcome sign, seating sign
- Flowers
- The Rings!
- Ceremony Programs
- Props for kids- basket, flower petals, Here Comes the Bride sign, ring box, Ring Security t-shirt and sunglasses, etc. 
- Unity Candle, 2 candle sticks, lighter/match, candle holders
- OR Unity Sand, 2 little vases, one big vase or holder, sand (In Irish tradition, they use the same sand for the bride and the groom, but I've often seen it with 2 different colors. That's up to you!)
- Confetti, sprinkles, rice, bells, ribbon wands, etc. for after ceremony 
- Music for processional, during ceremony, recessional
- Readings for ceremony (printed out for readers)
- Tissues?
- Drink station with lemonade, water, iced tea or hot drink station with hot chocolate as guests arrive.
- An arch, chuppah, or flower display for the front of the ceremony space 
- Jewish wedding: tallis, yarmulkes for men, glass to break, kiddush cup
- Unplugged vs. Supercharged Weddings- Signage either way

Cocktail Hour:
- Gift table- Card box, signage (See a DIY Card box here)
- Guest Book/board, markers/pens (tested beforehand)
- Parent/Grandparent wedding photos (with little signs telling guests who's who!)
- Music, flowers
- Ice Sculpture
- Signature cocktail beverage- stationed or served
- Personalized cocktail napkins at food stations and bars
- Bar signs 
- Beer coozies, drink coasters

- Specialty linens- add color, texture, flair, fun - Votives on guest tables
- Chair covers and sashes
- Candles
- Drapery around the room
- Unique napkin folds, unique table layout/design 
- Centerpieces for reception guest tables- some high, some low, none at eye level! 
- DJ/Band- Music for dinner hour, after dinner 
- Napkin inserts for pocket fold napkins or table signs with Menu, Thank You, trivia games about the bride & groom, etc. 
- Lighting- Uplighting, pinspot lighting, dance floor lighting etc. 
- Toasts, blessing, welcome (While you can't decide what they say, you can decide who says it! Let your MOH, Best Man, father or other honored guest know that you'd like them to do a toast/blessing with plenty of time before the wedding so they can prepare accordingly)- may involve bread, wine, champagne, special drinking cup, etc. depending upon tradition. 
- Cake, cake knife and server, signs for cake flavors (if cake is stationed), cake topper, bags/boxes to take extra cake home
- Banner, little decorations for head table/sweetheart table
- Photo booth or Video booth and Props
- Hot chocolate/coffee station with toppings (great for a winter wedding)
- Cookie station for dessert (especially at Italian weddings) with bags to fill up and take home!
- Ice cream sundae station
- Candy Buffet with take-home bags on the way out 
- Sparkler sendoff for bride & groom 
- Tips for Vendors
- Exit strategy- Get Bride & Groom out on time so they can keep partying!! 

After the Wedding:
- After-party
- Morning after Brunch
- Thank you cards (these may match invitations or not)

As you can already see, there are so many ways to personalize your wedding, so have fun and keep reading for more! 

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