Monday, October 5, 2015

Manners Monday: The Formalities

Photo Source: This Cozy & Glitzy Winter Wedding on The Knot (LOVE this wedding!) 

The formalities of a wedding include everything up until open dancing- these are the moments that really make the day special, and can include (but not be limited to):

- the ceremony itself
- the introductions of the newlyweds and wedding party
- the first dance
- toasts (often given by the Best Man and Maid or Matron of Honor)
- a blessing before the meal (often given by a father, an older family member, a religious leader or an honored friend)
- a welcome (often given by the father of the bride)
- parent dances (often include the Bride & her father and the Groom & his mother, but any variations are possible)

During these special parts of the day, proper etiquette says that guests should be punctual, quiet, respectful and focused on the moment, taking it all in and contributing to the sanctity of the day.

As we know, there will be a time for dancing, for that photo booth, for the bouquet toss and/or garter toss, for drinks, for dessert and coffee- but for now, just breathe, watch, listen and smile! As an honored guest, all you need to do right now is be happy for the bride & groom, which should be pretty easy!

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