Saturday, October 3, 2015

If I Were a Florist

I would definitely offer my clients Slap Bracelet corsages for the mothers and grandmothers, and I would also offer Magnetic Boutonnieres, which I had the pleasure of using for the first time yesterday. Anything that makes life a little easier on wedding day (or any day, really) is a win in my book, even if it's just something small!

Photo found on Pinterest

   So these boutonnieres have a magnet built into the back of the flower part and another small magnet that goes on the back of the lapel, holding it in place. 

 Unfortunately, since this is a fairly new trend, it's still being perfected and the boutonnieres we put on with magnets yesterday didn't all stay in place as easily as we'd hoped. The florist did bring some pins just in case, and we ended up using them the old-fashioned way to keep those flowers on the guys' lapels (over the heart, on the left side)! Hopefully these magnets will get a little stronger and we'll be able to keep this trend going!

Cheers to the person who figured this one out!

Notes: Check and make sure that nobody has a pacemaker or a problem with magnets before putting these on. If it's a problem, you should be able to pull off/out the magnet and use pins instead.

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