Thursday, May 21, 2015

DIY Baby Tutu-torial: How to Make a Tutu for a 1st Birthday Party or Just for Fun!

My niece recently turned one and the day before her party, we were faced with the adorable challenge of making her a tutu to wear for the celebration! Here's how it turned out...

Here's What We Used: 
Celebrate It Occasions Tulle Fabric at Michaels ($2.99 per roll x 4- we used 1 roll of each of 4 colors)
Celebrate It Head to Toe Headbands at Michaels ($2.49 for a set of 2)
Celebrate It 360 Satin Pink polka dot ribbon at Michaels ($4.99 for a 1.5"x4 yd spool)
Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue (We had this)
Some time & lots of love <3

Total Cost: $19.50  (a little less with coupons)

Note: This tulle wasn't the best, but it was the best that we had available at the time. It turned out really cute, but maybe there's a better option out there that would hold its shape a little better during the event (this one sort of crumpled up a little as she wore it). 
Here's What We Did: 
1. We placed the headband (which became a stretchy waistband) around something so we could work with it and turn it easily. We used the top of this chair so it didn't stretch out too much. 

2. We cut the tulle into pieces that were about 18" long. (Well, we cut them about 26" long and they were too long, so in the end they were about 18). If you wanted a longer skirt, 26" would go to most babies' ankles or so. This ended up going about to her knees.  

3. We folded each piece of tulle in half and threaded it through a hole in the bottom row of headband spaces, pulling it back through itself to make a little knot and hold it in place.

4. We alternated colors- skipping a hole each time- all the way around the bottom row before moving to the next row up. We found that this spacing worked well for us. We continued this for 3 or 4 rows until we completed the top of the headband (skirt). 

5. We tried it on the little horse stuffed animal, since the baby wasn't around at the time. The stretchy headband gave us confidence that it would be perfect!

6. I looped a piece of the pink polka dot ribbon around what would be the back of the skirt (I covered the part of the headband that was seamed together so it wouldn't show). Then I tied a sweet bow and glued it in place with the hot glue gun. 

Doesn't it look great with the onesie my sister ordered online?! (Link to seller coming soon)

7. Since the headband pack had another headband, I glued another little bow with the pink ribbon and attached it to the 2nd headband for Alexis to wear on her head!

Everything turned out great for the party, and she looked absolutely precious in her outfit with white tights and cute white shoes. Happy birthday, Alexis!

Have you made or bought a tutu? What tips do you have?  
We noticed that Target has quite a few tutus for sale for little girls, but not in the same color scheme. I think it would actually be fun to make more of these, so if anybody is looking for one, let me know!

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